26 Feb


When I walk down the memory lane

I really feel sorry…

Sorry for loving you like anything

Sorry for being ever in love with you

There are still many more feelings

But all those get unexpressed.

When I saw you for the first time

Your angelic beauty stole my heart.

I fell in love with you at once

I was in deep love with you.

Yeah! It was the biggest mistake of mine

But now I feel sorry for myself

Sorry for loving a person

For whom love was nothing but only a fun.

I did a big mistake

By loving and trusting you more than myself.

I wonder what would have happened

If I haven’t met you

I would have never fallen in love

With your angelic beauty.

My heart would have never been broken like this

I would have never have cried

Cried like this for someone

Who gave so much to remember.

Now, no one is there to stop my tears

Nothing could be worse than this.

I am all alone now

Emptiness has surrounded me

All my dreams are broken into pieces

I don’t have any reason to live.

I really feel sorry…

Sorry for my heart…

For loving a person of heartless heart..

When I walk down the memory lane

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Posted by on February 26, 2014 in Poems


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