Chapter names:Chase Your Dreams

09 Mar

Chase Your Dreams – Heena Priya & Atiya Shaazi Ahmed Chapter names:

  1. The Beginning
  2. Six Years Later
  3. Fun Time
  4. The Most Appreciable One
  5. Oh Shit! Its love
  6. One minute
  7. Radio/Video Show
  8. Samaira’s Discovery
  9. Permanent Solution for Temporary Problems: Suicide
  10. Learning to Live again
  11. Crushed feelings
  12. Thinking ways to distract mind
  13. An advice made life
  14. Smart board for smart students
  15. It’s time to be serious
  16. Result time
  17. Contradicting choices
  18. The Runway plan
  19. The Dear Departed
  20. A strange beginning @Amity
  21. Lady Fighter
  22. A shocking day
  23. Another Kash
  24. The Truth Revealed
  25. Secret Work
  26. Everything back to normal
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