Tumse Hi: The Untold Love Story

12 May

Tumse Hi: The Untold Love Story

Heena Priya & Harsh Hari Ginodia


Love always finds a way in each and everyone’s life. Without love there is no life. Everyone falls in love at some point of time in their life, whether it may be love at first sight or maybe its friendship turned into love or in some cases love after marriage. This is the way I fell in love with someone and I could clearly recall the day when I first met her. How could anyone forget the most blissful day of their life? And so it goes like this…

It all started on my first week of class XI in the new school I joined two and a half years back. All that sleepless nights of studies and persistent hard work has finally paid off and here I was at the front gate of the most Sort-out School for a student streaming ahead the life in Commerce. I was nervous as well as excited. It was a strange place, with strange people and strange surrounding. Neither I knew anyone nor did anyone know me.
After entering the gate, it was a breath taking experience; the campus was just like a huge park. Everything was clean and well maintained. ‘Marvelous’ was the word which could describe it beauty. There were students roaming all around the place. Some were seated on the lawn and some were seated on the entrance of the blocks. I asked for direction and quickly located my class. Instead of getting into the class, I decided to take a walk around the campus as it is too early for the class.

I was awestruck by the designing and engineering of each block as I passed by, and then suddenly I stopped, and I felt like I never felt before. There were no words to describe it.

I stood there staring at her, unable to move a single muscle. There in front of me was a group of 5 girls and 4 boys standing just outside the class I was allotted and having fun amongst themselves. Among them was a girl who looked like the power pack of the group who was making everyone laugh to the fullest. As she herself was laughing with full joy and excitement she appeared to be a cute little doll of 5 years old. That girl had an average height, fair complexion and wavy hairs. Her eyes were the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen in my entire lifetime.

Suddenly the bell rang and every one of us rushed to our respective classes. I got seated myself on the fourth bench with two others and even they were also new to the school. All three introduced themselves to each other and found we were from the same place. The first day at my new school started very well and all three of us started interacting freely.

The classes were interesting; all the faculties were really good in their respective field of studies. They explained the subjects with great depth. I enjoyed each and every bit of information and knowledge that I was getting in. The best part was that I wasn’t getting bored.

Around 2 P.M the lecture for the day ended and everybody started to leave. I quickly grabbed my bag and came out of the class. But before leaving, we three decided to be back to the class. We sat on the second bench, because on the first bench there was a group of four girls and the girl I saw in the morning was in the same group.

The second day of the class started very well and now we three friends were sitting just behind the group of girls. First two classes for the day went very well and we three were busy talking about gathering all the notes we missed before joining. It was becoming a problem for us to collect everything but soon this problem of ours was welcomed by the girl sitting at the first place of the front bench, but before that she introduced herself to us as Samida Banu. She forwarded her gratitude of help to us in giving us out all the notes. With this it was the beginning of the introductory session of we all three with all the four girls. First was Samida Banu, next seated was Naina Shaw, third was Kathrine Pitta, and the last one was Kathika Sengupta. 

I started adjusting very well in the very new and strange environment.

Later we started interacting with each other and by the end of the day it was decided that Samida was going to help us with all the notes and homework for Maths and accounts and Naina for theory subjects like Economics and Commerce. Next day it was decided to collect the notes, so Aastic took the copy from Samida for accounts and I took the Maths copy, while Samida gave me her number and Naina took my number. So this is how our numbers got exchanged.

Later that evening I got a message from an unknown number which read, ” Hi, Harsh:) “.

I was amazed to read this message. I don’t know why but suddenly my heart stared beating at a faster rate.

I immediately replicated seeing that message, “Hi, Naina.”

Naina: How do you know, it’s me?

“I don’t know, just guessed, and fortunately, it’s you.”

Naina: Great!!

This was the beginning of our message session and this is how we started chatting on phone through texts and came to know about each other.

Within some days of our interactive chat sessions both of us came to know about each other a lot. This created a decent understanding between us.  We discussed stuff which very few of our camaraderie knew. We got to know that our interest were more or less same. I enjoyed her company and she too liked to talk me. Once, she even mentioned that I am the only person with whom she talked most of the time. At that point of time, I felt like her special friend.

During last few days (about thirteen) she told me many things about herself. Of all those, one such thing which amazed me all the times was her nickname, Chocó. Her friends had given her this name due to the fact that her close friend named, Katherine had her nickname as Vanilla. It was because of this great bond of friendship and affection between them that her common friends named them, Chocó-Vanilla, and therefore the name ‘Chocó’ for Naina. How amazing it was to define the level of friendship between two persons that yield them the name of a combination of ice-cream flavors.

Of late, the interactive chat sessions grew more and more. Now, I started calling her Chocó as well and used to share everything with her.

As we all know time does fly, few months passed by in our bond of friendship and it was now the time for the Puja Vacation. During the vacation, we used to chat sometime but not that much. Since then, we never had the experience of calling up each other. Only two long days were left for our school to reopen when suddenly I heard my cell phone ringing. It was Naina, wishing me Happy Durga Puja. I wished her too and had a talk of the lifetime. We kept on discussing what all we did during the vacation and the conversation grew deeper. Previously, I used to wonder how one can get stuck on a phone call for hours. But it was not until then, I realized that we had a two and a half hours long conversation. Both were happy to meet in another two days time.

As the puja vacation got over and we joined back the school, the friendship between us grew more and more. This was the time when something happened in my life that I was totally broken and depressed. At that time, I was all alone, feeling lonely and depressed. No friends, no family to support. But at this when Chocó saw me in such condition, she came forward feeling concerned about me and stood by me. I shared my sadness and problems with her. She kept on trying to ease me out. She even held my hands a fewer times and tried to console me a lot of times.


She convinced me by saying, ‘Life doesn’t stop for anyone. So you should always move on in a forward direction and should never feel lonely and depressed. I am always there to help you out, just give me a call.’


By this I got to know how pure her heart was. Her inner beauty made her even more beautiful .At times when other friends, I would call them fake friends, used to ignore me like hell, then Naina was there to help me out. However busy she was, she always managed to spare some of her time with me. I enjoyed her company a lot.


This was the time when I came closer to her and she became one of my closest friends. Even she too treated me in the same way. This closeness in our friendship increased in such extent that even if I missed out a class in a day, she used to get angry on me and even charged me for that. The charge was to call her and talk to her, minimum 1hour.The great time of our friendship was passing by and it was in the midst of December that I started felling for her; I started falling in love with my Chocó. Within no days, I felt my liking for her.


Now, even though she didn’t know anything about my feelings for her, she became everything for me. Her birthday was about to come. Choco’s birthday was one of the things I was waiting for, since many days. I wanted to celebrate her with day with me and I had planned a big surprise for her with loads of things.


On the occasion of her birthday, she invited everyone, including me but my mind set was something else.

   And I decided to surprise her the same day with our friends at the same place. So, when she invited us for her birthday party, we all denied coming giving some excuses and reasons. She became very much upset when I said no to her. On her birthday also, she again invited me to come but I denied and made a silly excuse. On the other hand, I planned out the things with my friends and successfully surprised her on her birthday. She was really mesmerized and was very much happy on seeing me over there, present in her birthday party.

   We all celebrated her birthday very well and made it a day to be remembered and cherished forever. A good dancer was always a part of the dance group for every event held in our school. This time also, she was in the dance group and was busy in the practice. But I was not the part of the dance group and was sitting ideally in the classroom and was getting damn bored.(the fact was that I was missing her and her company with me.) During this phase of loneliness, I realized her importance, my liking and love for her. So, I started making up my mind to propose her and make her my life partner, my dream girl. Sometimes, while practicing, she used to come to the classroom with the intention to tease me and again go back for the practice session. I made out a plan to propose her on the upcoming Valentine’s Day.I made out a plan to propose her on the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Soon, just after the farewell party was the Valentine’s week. So I had to prepare everything that I wanted to do during this period of time before the farewell party.

Now, it was the time for me to take the first step of my life and had to arrange everything  accordingly .

7th Feb: Rose Day

I gave her a red rose in a bundle of many pink and yellow roses. I told it’s my love and friendship.

8th Feb: Propose Day

I proposed her to be with me forever as a friend and stand by me in every situation.

9th Feb: Chocolate Day

As I entered the class, I gave her a bag full of chocolate and she was delighted to have it and the spark in her eyes was just like a small cute baby.


 I gave her a teddy saying that this will always stay with you when I m not there and she instantly gave a name to that teddy as GINU.


Simply I just promised her to be with her in each and every situation and take care of her.


Whole day I was wondering what should I do but finally at night I texted her with a kiss saying I will always be with you and thanks for being always there for me.



UNFORTUNATELY I couldn’t give her a hug so I just wished her.



14th Feb, this was the day when I was going to start a new life altogether and this was the same day when our classes for 11 was getting over. Everything was going very well as planned but just when I decided to propose her then our friends started to play games and their ruined all my plans and she became very upset and I could not propose her.. But later in the evening I apologized to her and then made her feel relaxed and proposed her ‘ I LOVE U CHOCÓ, will you be my partner for life?”. I promise to keep you happy always and take care of you to which she politely replied ‘I LOVE U 2 BHOLU RAM’ THIS WAS THE BEGGINING OF OUR LOVELY LOVE STORY.


We both wrote our annual exams very well. Yeah, it was love which was improving our grades. As the class 11 got over and the results came out .We both passed our exams scoring good marks and then we proceeded to class 12, a very new, risky and adventurous journey of our life.

In our new class also we both used to sit in the same order. But the only difference was now that my seat was in the corner of the bench and she use to sit at the third place in the first bench and in the corner, our most common and closest friend Shreya Punn used to sit.

Moreover, it was a fun for us to sit over there. Whole today we three used to talk more and concentrate less in the lectures. Only we knew how we managed to do so many things altogether, time management became necessary.

Now we both used to spend as much as time we can with each other during the school hours as it was not possible, neither for me nor for her, to meet after the school hours. We were class 12th students and had a very hectic and busy schedule.

 Her family was very strict and could never allow her to be in a relationship. She had a very big joint family and she hardly managed to call me from her home. So, we had to keep our relation till the school hours only. We needed to hide it from others as well. School hours were the most happening hours for both of us.

During the classes we both used to catch each other’s hand and sit back in the class. When you are in love, everything seems beautiful, so was the case with us. We talked a lot in the classroom and then, used to borrowed notes from our classmates. We were handling two things together, look how busy we both were. Whenever she held my hand, I could feel the soft touch of her soft and beautiful fingers.

1st June , it was my birthday . I still remember, this was our first date and we both spent a lot of time together, talking, laughing then laughing and talking .For the first time, we shared same coffee, same ice cream and same cold drinks too. That’s too cute, right?

 I told her everything about my life; she too shared everything with me about her life starting from her family life to her ambitions. We discussed our views on some mutual topics of interest. This way ,we spent almost the whole day together and we both enjoyed a lot together and this was the best birthday I ever had because this was my first birthday with my love. 

After this we both knew each and everything about each other , everything about life, family…..and so on.

We never ever met each other then the school campus. Library was one of the favorites place for both of us. Actually it was a lover’s point. Every couple, including me used to meet their beloved in the library. The librarian was well aware of this fact but he just ignored it.

As her Accounts tuition was just after the school hours so I used to drop her to her tuition .On the way we used to talk and walk, holding each other’s hand, feeling the warmness of each other’s finger.

We disclosed our relation to all our close friends. They all were very much happy to know this and yeah, they got a chance to tease us. Be we enjoyed it. When you are in deep love, you can bear and hear anything. Love gives you a special strength to withstand all the difficulties .Same was the situation with both of us. We never took their comments seriously as we were in true love with each other and were not ashamed of being called as a couple. It was a proud moment for both of us to be called as a couple.

It was 14th Feb, our first anniversary. We had spent almost a year with each other. Pre board was going on and board exams were nearer. We had our Economics exam on the day of our anniversary .Like any other couples; we didn’t go out and met each other. Instead, we both encouraged each other to study. Yeah, it was the month of February and board exams were nearer. We lessened our phone calls and text messages and started concentrating more on our studies. We both had enjoyed a lot for almost 1year.And no it was high time for both of us. We needed to be serious and we both knew; only we could make each to her understand this fact. Where there is understanding, there is love, for sure.

We studied together, discussed important concepts and questions and prepared together for our exams. Within no time, the month of March arrived and so were the boards. We tried our best, worked hard and gave our best. We both studied, just for each other, just to make each other proud. We secured good percentage and now, we both were satisfied with each other. Now, we had loads of time to spend with each other and possess each other.

Romance was never an option in our life as we decided. Love for each other was more important, that too true one.

When you are in true love, the world around us seem to be brightened us .Everything seems interesting. Life becomes more happening; it changes .They find real heaven in this earth. We dream of someone else, we think of only that person 24/7 hours.  In love, people only that person becomes everything.

Lucky are those who find true love and get their true love. And, I was amongst those lucky people who found there true love. I could never ever find a better girl than Naina, my Chocó. Now, she was the only reason for my existence. I am nothing without her. We both are like a pair of socks and shoes , both useless without each other. I will always cherish each and every moments we both shared and spent together, first as a friend, then something more than that and now finally as lovers.



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14 responses to “Tumse Hi: The Untold Love Story

  1. Mome Sinha

    May 12, 2014 at 9:02 am

    really heart-touching!!!!! at least they are happy in thier life………..

    • authorheena

      May 12, 2014 at 10:27 am

      Thank you mome 🙂 yes they r vry mu6 happy in dr lyf 🙂

      • Mome Sinha

        May 12, 2014 at 10:31 am

        true story h?????

  2. authorheena

    May 12, 2014 at 10:34 am


  3. Ashish

    May 12, 2014 at 11:02 am

    nice 1 sis….Really a heart touching story . love it yr ….

    • authorheena

      May 12, 2014 at 11:18 am

      Thanks Ashish

  4. Harsh Hari Ginodia

    May 12, 2014 at 11:27 am

    Thanks alot guys for ur reviews… 🙂

  5. Nidhi Jha

    May 12, 2014 at 4:41 pm

    really harsh….ws vry gud….
    jz lovd it n smile cam as I knw few f d characters in real..:) 😉
    dne really a gud job..!
    keep it up..n keep writing..;):)

  6. kathika sengupta

    May 12, 2014 at 4:43 pm

    god bless u both!!! m happy dat u two r togetha !!! lucky u r for each oda!!…njoy life..nd just b madly in love wid each oda like dis foeva!!
    !!! :*

  7. Varsha Sharma

    May 13, 2014 at 2:37 pm

    It was indeed nycc!!! 🙂
    keep loving n keep writing 😀 🙂

  8. authorheena

    May 13, 2014 at 3:02 pm

    Thanks every1 for ur +ve response…

  9. nishu

    May 15, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    Wow…its sch a hrt touchng story…sooo swt jus lved it…awesm wrk dne…:)

    • authorheena

      May 15, 2014 at 3:41 pm

      Thank ewww nishu!

  10. shreyoshi dutta

    May 17, 2014 at 5:09 am

    awsm harsh i knw u were in love as i was ur classmate but to knw that its so true feels awsm as i knw the meaning too…keep it up be together..its a heart touching story


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