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Sample chapters: Chase Your Dreams

Read the sample chapters of Chase your Dreams now.Click on the link below to download the file….

Sample chapters

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First Chapter: Chase Your Dreams

Chapter 1:

The Beginning:


“Dear, wake up, it’s almost 6:30, do you want to be late on the first day of the school?” said Meera Ahuja, Kashish’s mother.

 It was a beginning of Kashish’s new life. Everything would change around her. Last week only, Kashish’s family shifted to a very new and unknown place in West Bokaro. The place was very new for her. Although, it was a silent place, no traffic problem was there, but still she didn’t like it. She was missing her hometown Ranchi where she had spent ten years of her lifetime. She was missing the houses, roads and traffics of Ranchi. She was missing all her friends whom she had left and came. Also, she was missing all those days of her life, when she used to do mischief with her friends. A new place, new school, new friends, new life, everything was so new for her, whole night she was thinking about it.

“O.K mumma” Kashish said to her mother in a forceful tone. She got ready for her school. She had lots of questions in her mind which was left to be answered. She went to her new school with her parents. She entered the school campus for the first time. She was always in the habit of comparing things. So, she started her work of comparison. Inside it was written in bolder letters “HOLY CROSS SCHOOL”.

They went to the Principal’s chamber. Her parents were talking to the Principal ‘Sr.Vidya’. Kashish didn’t understand their discussions, so she got irritated. While they were talking, few more sisters came to the office. She was getting more irritated by their talks. The talk was finally over now.

“Kashish, we have to go now. Bye and start well.” said her parents. Then, they instructed her many do’s and don’ts and then left.

Kashish did not know where to go next. She was totally confused. Then she saw one of the girls walking all alone in the corridor. Hoping to give her company and also, she might help Kashish, Kashish went to her and asked, “Can you please tell me the way for 4th standard. I am new in this school, in fact, new in this whole place.”

She looked at Kashish, and then came closer to her. She stated staring her. Kashish got frightened. Kashish had thought that she would help her. But, instead of that, she came closer to her and gave a tight slap. Then, she went away. Kashish was left shocked. She wanted to slap her back tightly on her cheek. But now, she couldn’t.  She was feeling ashamed as other students were laughing at her loudly, which also made her to cry. A plethora of feelings were coming in Kashish’s mind which were unimpressionable.

Then, finding the classroom by her own, she finally went inside her classroom, it was 4th ‘B’.

 “Oh, you are the new comer” the teacher asked.

“Yes ma’am”

“What is your name?”

“Kashish Ahuja ma’am”

“Well Ms.Ahuja, I am your new class teacher Ragini Gupta. I whole-heartedly welcome you to this school. Accept this school as soon as possible. Go and sit over there.”

The teacher instructed her to sit. She went and sat beside a girl. Kashish couldn’t see the face of the girl as she was facing towards the other side. Then, she turned towards Kashish. Both of them were shocked to see each other. She was the same girl who had slapped Kashish. Kashish wanted to ask her the reason, obviously for the slap. But she failed to do so because of the fear of getting another slap. Kashish was wondering “What the hell is this? Why everything is happening so bad with me? This place is so unlucky for me.”

Both of them were sitting quietly and were not even looking at each other. It was like both of them were the biggest enemy and had decided not to talk with each other. After several minutes of deep silence, finally the girl gave a paper to Kashish.

“What the hell is this?” said Kashish.

“Open it” the girl instructed her very politely.

For few seconds Kashish wondered why the girl was so nice to her. Without thinking much, she followed what she said. Inside it was written “I AM SORRYJ” with a very cute smile. Kashish liked it very much.

“It’s ok”

“Thank you. Well, I am Samaira. You can call me Sam. Can we be friends?”

“Why are you so nice to me?” She was left confused. She was still wondering why she was so nice to her.

“Hello, what happened?”

“First, tell me the reason. I want the full description, why did you slap me?”

“Hahahahahhahaha….” she started laughing loudly.

“Are you mad?”



“Yes, I am”

“You are irritating me”

“See, when I am angry. I am used to take out all my anger and frustrations on others. Unfortunately you were one of them.” she said and again started laughing.

Kashish started staring her continuously which made her uncomfortable.

“Ok fine. New student right?”

“Yes, I am Kashish Ahuja”



Almost a month had passed. Kashish started adjusting well to the new place. By now, she had made many new friends. She started accepting everyone. She started sharing all her feelings and views to others. Now, she was comfortable among all. She and Samaira had become best friends. It was something which Kashish had never thought about. It is rightly said “Time does not spare anyone. It changes everything.”The friendship which started through a slap grew more and more deeper and stronger day by day. They got busy in their own world which was filled with dreams.

Samaira Akhtar was also an exception. It was true that she was a girl .But, by her deeds and habits; she appeared to be a boy to everyone, in fact to Kashish, her best friend also. She was being called as ‘Nanhi (small) don’ by her parents as well was by her classmates. She was good and nice by nature but her family background never allowed her to do the things which she wished or desired.


To read the complete book, buy it online from the following link:



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Chapter names:Chase Your Dreams

Chase Your Dreams – Heena Priya & Atiya Shaazi Ahmed Chapter names:

  1. The Beginning
  2. Six Years Later
  3. Fun Time
  4. The Most Appreciable One
  5. Oh Shit! Its love
  6. One minute
  7. Radio/Video Show
  8. Samaira’s Discovery
  9. Permanent Solution for Temporary Problems: Suicide
  10. Learning to Live again
  11. Crushed feelings
  12. Thinking ways to distract mind
  13. An advice made life
  14. Smart board for smart students
  15. It’s time to be serious
  16. Result time
  17. Contradicting choices
  18. The Runway plan
  19. The Dear Departed
  20. A strange beginning @Amity
  21. Lady Fighter
  22. A shocking day
  23. Another Kash
  24. The Truth Revealed
  25. Secret Work
  26. Everything back to normal
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About the book:Chase Your Dreams: Heena Priya and Atiya Shaazi Ahmed

Being capable of steady friendship or never ending love, are the two greatest proofs. Not only of goodness of heart but also of strength of mind.Meet Kashish & Samaira, two best friends of the time. Kashish being soft spoken while Samaira was a hard headed girl.There comes a time when both of them faces serious obstacles and jeering throngs, created by their own friends and family.Will the two besties be able to follow their dream they saw in their teenage times or they’ll be forced to give up those. Will they be able to overcome the challenges and continue their legendary friendship?

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