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A Magical Satire- HEENA PRIYA

A Magical Satire
Once growing and living flower
Accenting its surrounding ,with its beauty
Now have gone, plucked and unfeathered
Leaving painful scars,to be endured,of life.

Luckily, up in the sky, they met
Person left a special mark on her heart
O’since long long time,they were mates
No bounds,no lies but only a magical satire
And enough to this magic..
Their friendship was never a tale of tragic

Unseen, yet understood by all…
Exemplary was the bond they shared.
But once so so happened, 
The blossoming flower lost its beauty
Exactly here,came the ego of a foe
Shattered friendship,which once lived happily!

For now,it was all gone
Regretting was not an option
It was the need of trust,which
Either of them couldn’t understand
Now,as it was all gone,the charm has been lost!

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Yes, I am a girl


Yes, I am a girl

Born to alter the world

Significance of eternity

Being perceived in the humanity.

Some call me weak

Some call me shy

A mother is never weak

A friend is never shy

Oh, my wounds!

You cannot be healed by time

You need someone’s love and care to ameliorate

Humanity is flooded with crimes

A plethora of prayers isn’t an alternate

Nature is crying, seeing my sufferings

Don’t you have a heart to wipe away the tears?

Need is to change, and change is for better

Yes, I am a girl, make me feel better….

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The Girl I Used To Be
I tell myself that everything’s going to be ok,
that there is no reason for all this pain.
The time it took to change, the time it took to
see all those mistakes.
The life I had, I can’t have back. The choices I made,
affected me in all those ways.
The mistakes I made have not been forgotten.
The tears I shed, the sounds I made, the feelings
that left me feeling in a different way.
Yet I can’t see why these tears feel so unreal.
I’m not the same, my words are unsaid.
What I hide, is buried deep inside.
To know, to love, to breathe.
It hurts to know that I’ll never be the
girl I used to be. The one that would always laugh,
the one that you knew would always be strong.
The feeling is real, the truth is sealed.
I cry in the dark, cuz I know I cut too deep.
The blood is like the rain,
in every way it drifts away.
The scars are real, but the wounds in the heart
are another mark.
If you only knew what I’ve been through,
or maybe you could take a walk in my shoes.
I’m not fake, I’m not a doll,
I just don’t think I’m the same in any way.
So where did my soul go?
Why did I ever let it runaway?
What happened to that girl?
The one that could make you laugh,
the one that would always take you out?
What happened to that girl,
cuz I’m lost without her?
I’m no longer me, the mistakes changed me,
but did they change her?
If only I would know.

The Girl I Used To Be

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Eternal is our friendship, eternal we go…


Moon has something in common with you

It has a sweet charm just like you

Through all the jeering throngs which came by

Oh my dear friend!

Sweetly we cherish this life.

Having friends like you is a matter of pride

Regret for those who don’t have one of your kind

Enemies may come, may go

Eternal is our friendship, eternal we go.


How lucky am I?

Amidst the whole sky

Rain is falling down the universe

Shivering the palms on it’s by

Hailing down the from the world of friendship in its way.


Next to family is our friendship

Everlasting and never ending

Happiness has its no end limit

Amidst the world with you all.


Victor is the one who has a plenty well wishers aside

In his days of difficulties beside.

Virtuous is you all

Embracing the moral standards at all times

Keep the promise forever, our friendship may last forever.


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When I walk down the memory lane

I really feel sorry…

Sorry for loving you like anything

Sorry for being ever in love with you

There are still many more feelings

But all those get unexpressed.

When I saw you for the first time

Your angelic beauty stole my heart.

I fell in love with you at once

I was in deep love with you.

Yeah! It was the biggest mistake of mine

But now I feel sorry for myself

Sorry for loving a person

For whom love was nothing but only a fun.

I did a big mistake

By loving and trusting you more than myself.

I wonder what would have happened

If I haven’t met you

I would have never fallen in love

With your angelic beauty.

My heart would have never been broken like this

I would have never have cried

Cried like this for someone

Who gave so much to remember.

Now, no one is there to stop my tears

Nothing could be worse than this.

I am all alone now

Emptiness has surrounded me

All my dreams are broken into pieces

I don’t have any reason to live.

I really feel sorry…

Sorry for my heart…

For loving a person of heartless heart..

When I walk down the memory lane

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