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Review of ‘I Am Dead But My Heart Beats’


Review of ‘I Am Dead But My Heart Beats’

Author: Priyank

As the tagline itself says ‘It’s not a love story….it’s a revolution.’ It’s a revolutionary step towards humanity. It’s finally a book that ended my streak of searching for a well written love story.

This book depicts multiple issues on Indian community through a great love story. This book shows beyond doubt the various twists and turns which one faces while being in a relationship. It talks about what makes a love and to what extent a person goes to save it.

Zahid, a Muslim boy, falls in love with a Hindu girl, Swati.

Aryan and Anshika love each other, even though they belonged to different communities.

What price they had to pay for their love was unconceivable.

Loving someone isn’t a crime and it happens naturally without anyone’s intervention.

In this era, the society in which we live is echeloned into many parts on the basis of religion, caste, creed, gender and so on. We all have same blood running in our nerves. Our religion should be of humanity, this is what the authors says and describes in the book. If more and more inter-caste marriages take place, then one day would come for sure when our religion will be of ‘Humanity’. The will be no Hindu, no Muslim, no Bengali, no Punjabi, and no Bihari, but only ‘Hindustani’ citizens in the country. Our society needs to understand this fact. This is the current need of the hour.

This book influenced me to a grater extent and made me aware of several strands of live. The thing I loved the most was that every individual would be able to relate themselves with the characters. Readers will definitely enjoy the author’s way of describing scenes and characters.

By writing this book, the author has paid tribute to all those who have lost their lives while fighting the battle of love. Also, he has taken a step to sensitize the people for this crying need. I highly recommend this book. A must read book for all age groups. Heartiest congratulations to the author for this revolutionary step towards humanity.

Rating- 4.5

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Book Review: Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern

Cecelia Ahern’s novel “Where Rainbows End” is a story of love,fate and friendship. The book is written in the form of letters, emails, instant messages and invitations between the two childhood friends and follows them as their lives intertwine and sets them off on different paths.  We see their relationship developing and growing through weddings, births, and deaths.

Two friends, Alex and Rosie ,both of them grew up as childhood friends in Dublin. Everything was going on normally but when Alex’s father lands a job in Boston, the two besties are separated. .Rosie plans to finally join Alex when she is accepted into a Hotel Management degree in Boston, but it seemed as if fate wasn’t in favor of them. This was the turning point. Will the two friends be ever together again? The book revolves around this single question. The book is 600 pages thick but the description and writing style of author makes it a single read.

Where Rainbows End makes us believe that Rosie and Alex may never be together due to the unavoidable circumstances but fate just can’t stop meddling. The book is very cleverly and nicely written by including all the information needed for the reader in the form of a letter or email and the like. Despite this style, the book does not have a stop start narrative and flows well, unlike some books written in a similar pattern. Like PS.I Love you, Cecelia Ahern has kept her readers alive by writing something very incredible and interesting. I would recommend everyone to reach this novel as this one is really an awesome piece of writing. 

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Review of Silas Marner by George Eliot

George Eliot’s novel Silas Marner shows the transformation of the life of a weaver namely, Silas. He is the main protagonist of the novel. Apart from Silas, some other characters like Gordfrey and Dunstan make the story interesting and worth reading. The novel is set up in the early years of nineteenth century. So, it puts focus on the changes brought and caused by industrial revolution.
Silas was a loyal and honest man. But he was found guilty and was blamed for the theft which he never did. This proved to be a turning point in his life. George Eliot has beautifully described all this in full details.
Like most other novelists of her day, George Eliot used a unique way to express her point of view i.e. she views the action from any point she finds suitable and appropriate. This viewpoint of the author has several advantages over others and it is well suited to the author’s strength as a novelist. It allows her to make her characters alive. Eliot uses this technique to increase the reader’s sympathy, make them interested and engross them within the characters.
George Eliot knew how to make her reader’s happy. Sp, she chose to end her novel with a happy ending. Silas and Eppie, living together, Nancy and Gordfrey, getting married. Nothing could be more satisfying than this. Readers get the message of power of love, hope and honesty. Readers feel and get the messages and this is now, the purpose of the novel is being served.

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